Renato Ceron

Renato Ceron

Renato Cerón started playing music at the age of 7 years. As he grew up so did his passion for music and his interest in learning how to play new instruments. During his teenage years he learned how to play the guitar, the vihuela, the guitarrón (traditional Mexican instruments used in Mariachi music), the violin, the accordion, the sax, and the Veracruz harp.

Renato has performed in many different venues in Chicago and throughout the country.

Today he teaches music to elementary school students throughout Chicago and he also teaches private lessons to both children and adults. To learn more about lessons click on Music Lessons.

He also plays with his band called “A Flor de Piel” as well as by himself.

You may hire Renato Cerón to perform at private parties, wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies, religious services, concerts, and also for educational programs at schools, workshops, plays, cinco de mayo celebrations, Hispanic Heritage month, etc.